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 NATIONAL SCOUTING REPORT-  The recruiting process for college sports has become very sophisticated but yet complicated.  Here is one part of a series on college recruiting...



Are you really being recruited?

Being recruited by college coaches is the dream of most any high school student-athlete. After all, kids and parents sacrifice a lot of time, effort and money over the years for the chance to play at the college level. So, when they receive recruiting letters, kids and parents are justifiably excited. "It's happening! Coaches are recruiting me!" Striving for this goal is worthwhile because of all the benefits kids enjoy from participating in sports. And, nearly every high school athlete who has worked hard, performed well in their sport and in the classroom has a legitimate opportunity to play at the college level.


Upsides of being a college student-athlete

When our scouts visit homes to interview prospects, we often ask them what they think it would be like to become a college student-athlete? A few understand and have a true vision of themselves in that position, but many do not. Here are a few of the benefits you could enjoy:


Decoding a coach's message

Many prospects and parents think they are being recruited when they really are not. Where there is smoke, there is not always fire when it comes to recruiting. Common questions such as How can I know if a coach is serious? What do the letters really mean? Where do I stand? What do I tell my friends and family? run through a prospect's mind. It can be, and often is, confusing and frustrating. But, that is the nature of recruiting. If you are not tuned into these nuances, or if your closest advisors are unaware of how to read between the lines of coaches' letters and emails, you could easily be led down the wrong path, misunderstand a coach's meaning or worse yet, think you are high on a coach's list when you are not. 

You might think that a college coach is ready to make you an offer when that is not what his or her message actually says. In truth, having such insight is not something you should expect of someone who is not professionally trained, nor who is has been intimately involved in college recruiting day after day. Yet, knowing how recruiting works is critical to your mindset, confidence and eventual success.

Here are some helpful ways to determine your status with college coaches:

You ARE being recruited if...


You're in trouble when...

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