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Jan 16, 2018
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The College Recruiting Camp--Atlanta

Published Jul 28, 2012

The College Recruiting Camp is a fun and interactive seminar for both the parents and the high school athlete who want to play at the college level.  

This is a free informational event for parents and high school athletes.  The event will be lead by Jay Holgate, a regional scout for Metro Atlanta.  Jay is also a frequent guest on sports radio around the South.

To register, click here.


The goal is to help parents better understand the recruiting process, how the NCAA works and help your athlete get on track to get a college scholarship as early as possible.

According to the NCAA, only 2% of high school athletes receive a college scholarship.  Competition for athletic scholarships is at an all-time high.  Therefore it is necessary to use every advantage available to get ahead of the pack.

Many players believe they are being recruited because they have received a lot of recruiting materials.  Unfortunately that is a fallacy that leads many high school athletes into complacency and no offers being presented.  

The game is rigged to a certain degree favoring Championship high schools.  But it's time to level the playing field.  If your child wants to play college sports, it's time to get serious, focused and committed.  Now is the time to act!

This seminar will be the first step in improving exposure, connecting to college coaches and getting on the right track to securing a college scholarship.

Limited seats available for this event.  No admittance at event without pre-registration.


Additonal speaking request may be sent to jholgate@nsr-inc.com 

Follow Coach Jay on twitter:  @CollegeScoutATL 


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