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1) We report on the Top News in the SEC. We want you to be knowledgeable of the latest activity in SEC Football. This does not include speculation, innuendo by 2nd tier journalist or fans trying to create drama. We try to stay with the facts unless an opinion article is dead on. We won't publish unless an issue is glaring and we would be withholding to keep the info from you.

2) Our first priority is to report SEC football breaking news because that is what affects your team. Our second priority is to give you great articles by good sources so you can have some background on different programs. Our third priority is to give you rankings because its just fun to see how where your team is on the list.

3) We report on current class of recruits. We're in the college recruiting world and we know how it works. We are not going to report on 2015, 2016, 2017 recruits in high school committing to a college because we know their commitment will usually change. We also don't catch every commit because of the shear volume of news.

4) We do have a bias. We report on the higher ranked teams because there is clearly more resources dedicated to them which means when we see a article that is dead on, you see it. We try to periodically go around the horn and update each school. But, we are not going to give equal attention to the bottom feeders. If you want to know everything on your school, subscribe to Rivals, 247 sports, Scout or ESPN. We have strong relationships with these guys and they do a very good job of reporting activities for each school.

5) We work with the college coaches so we won't post negative attacks against them. We are friends and have a working relationship with most every football coach in the SEC. It's a tough job that comes with high standards.

6) We are not a organization set up to interact with our fans. We just do our job and we believe you will spread the word about how good we are. We work with Top Recruits in the state of Georgia and we are on the front lines of both high school and college football.

7) We know we are affecting the SEC universe because we know our subscriber list which includes Head coaches, asst coaches, journalist, tv people and fanatic SEC fans. This following makes sure we get the News right because there is too much at stake.

8) Contact Us. If you want to follow us My schedule during football season is hectic, so be patient.

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