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Jan 18, 2018
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Rule #67-- Head Coaches Should Never Buy Mansions

Published May 10, 2010
Vacant Mansions

SEC SPORTS REPORT-- Rule #67 states Head Coaches should never buy a mansion when moving to a new coaching job.  Too many what ifs????

Football coaches all over the country have vacant homes in cities where they used to coach....

Big homes give the false impression of security.  There is no security if a Coach isn't winning and if you win too much you have to move to a better job.  Either way, a big expensive home is a liability. 

Flexibility is King. 

High priced vacant homes are expensive to maintain.  When a coach leaves a city, his reputation stays with the big house and usually the next owner wants the discounted rate with the purchase.  In the end, lots of commissions paid out to real estate agents, lawn services and less leverage for a head coach.

Check out the latest coach trying to sell a big mansion.  Bobby Petrino has two huge homes in Atlanta and Fayetteville.

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