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Jan 18, 2018
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Honey Badger Permanently Ineligible to Play Football at LSU

Published Aug 14, 2012

THE DISPATCH- Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu cannot return to the LSU football team at any time in the future, LSU senior associate athletic director for NCAA compliance Bo Bahnsen reiterated on Monday after an ESPN story stated there was a chance Mathieu could return for the 2013 season.

"He's permanently ineligible to play football at LSU," Bahnsen said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon. "That's definite. That's what was said Friday."

LSU football coach Les Miles said that Friday when he announced the dismissal of Mathieu, a junior from New Orleans who was a Heisman Trophy finalist last season. A person with knowledge said the dismissal was for repeated positive drug tests revealing marijuana over the last year. Miles and other LSU officials cannot say the exact reason why Mathieu was kicked off the team because of student-athlete privacy laws.

Asked if the expulsion from the team was permanent on Friday Miles said, "Yeah, he will not be back. Things are spelled out that we can do. I can only tell you that we extended ourselves personally and professionally. We've extended this to the full length of the policy. "

Miles was not available Monday.

LSU's substance abuse policy contains the words Bahnsen used, "permanently ineligible," on page nine under "Third Violation" of a drug test. It says, "If institutional drug testing reveals the existence of drugs at any time, permanent ineligibility to participate at LSU will result."


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