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Feb 23, 2018
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One Play May Have Changed it All for Houston Nutt at Ole Miss

Published Sep 4, 2011
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Nobody is saying it's time to fire Nutt or anything like that. The Rebels could rebound and go to the SEC Championship Game. But if the season goes bad, you can be certain Ole Miss fans will remember this day.

The Rebels were up 13-0 with just 10 minutes left. The secondary -- so horrific last year -- was playing brilliantly. Not only that, Ole Miss looked to have stumbled into a quarterback. Junior college transfer Zack Stoudt was playing superbly in relief.

Yes, BYU finally got a touchdown with 9:52 left. But the way the Ole Miss defense was playing, it didn't seem to be that big a deal.

"It felt really good with about nine minutes to go," said Nutt.

Then it felt really bad. And for that, you can only blame the Ole Miss coaching staff.

You do not take a chance on third-and-27. Not from your own 21, not with a new quarterback, not with a punter who was banging it a cool 56.8 yards per punt.

Lee said he was trying to "get us a little bit out of a hole." So he fired up a steam shovel and dug a much deeper one.

"I trusted Stoudt, I trusted the protection," he said.

Just once, don't you wish a coach would say, "You know, that one was all on me?"

Lee is an excellent coach and a fine fellow. He will win more games for Ole Miss than he will lose. But he put one on the loss side of the ledger Saturday.


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