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Published Aug 30, 2011
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ATLANTA, Ga-  Just in time for college football season, the SEC football Breaking News App will be officially launched. The SEC Football app is similar to a SEC Football mobile newspaper.  The SEC Football app gives SEC fans faster access to all the daily top stories through their smart phones.  The app covers SEC Football exclusively and collect news stories from journalist all over the country.

The SEC Football top news stories include headlines from over one hundred fifty southern newspapers, analysis, predictions, recruiting commits, player injuries, transfers, arrests etc.  The app is available on Iphone, Ipad and Android phones for a $4.99 one time download.

The app was originally created for SEC coaches and journalist as monthly subscribers.  But during the test launch in May, over thirty people downloaded the free app in the first thirty minutes.  Since it was considered a slow news time, and there was a strong response, the decision was made to make the app available to diehard SEC fans for an affordable one time charge.

Jay Holgate is the manager of the SEC Football News app.  He has been involved with SEC football through www.SECsportsReport.com for the last four years.  Holgate found that getting SEC football updated news from his laptop computer wasn’t always workable.  Many times it just wasn’t convenient to pull into a hotspot to get updated news.  The smart phone allows for continual data reception so fans can continually check news throughout the day.

 “We’re scanning nearly 175 newspapers daily to get the best stories that are relevant to SEC fans. 

The average fan knows their team’s news and stories from ESPN which are usually on a delay.  With the SEC Football News app, our subscribers get news faster and filtered and they know more about their rivals, “ said Jay Holgate.

The goal was to meet the need of today’s SEC fan, journalist and radio personality who wants news summaries and continually updated news.  For this crowd, the SEC Football APP is the ultimate news tool.  Information travels quickly on the subscription sites message boards but the accuracy is always questionable.  The SEC app relies on confirmed news sources when any info is published and the news goes straight to the phone in seconds.

Holgate is a frequent guest on sports radio and many times big news would break after he would have been away from his computer for a couple of hours.  No longer.  With the SEC App, all the days top news can be viewed in a couple minutes before going live.

Statistics show that by the end of 2011, one out of two phones will be a smart phone that includes apps for download.  The trend in technology is to move data to phone and tablets over the next few years.

The early data on the SEC Football News App shows an almost even split between app downloads of men and women for the SEC App.  Android has a marginal lead over Iphone at 53%-47%. 

The app can be found by searching your favorite SEC head coaches first and last name.


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Bruce Clowdus
Aug 31, 2011 9:20am [ 1 ]


John Pettigru
Sep 15, 2011 2:11pm [ 2 ]

The APP is great....can't live without it!!

Sep 15, 2011 2:12pm [ 3 ]

Love the App....ROLL TIDE!!

Sep 15, 2011 2:20pm [ 4 ]

Downloaded SEC Football to my Iphone--my husband has a blackberry so he is always asking to look at my phone...Love it, been telling my friends. GO GATORS!!!


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